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(WEBZINE)Making Easy and Simple issuing VISA in Korea
Date: 2016-09-05

Korea Visa

" Are you having a headache by visa application? I know it is very confusing! "
Now, you can be free from it by asking Nicerent for your visa application.
Nicerent provides visa application services for people from overseas with efficient and accurate legal advice.
We help you to apply with an appropriate category for your visa, issuing visa and renewal visa.
You can easily prepare to depart for Korea with us without any difficulties in Visa application.
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1) Visa Service
A.Issue a Korea Visa
Individuals who want to get a visa related to commercial activities or long-term stay may apply for a certificate for confirmation of visa issuance.
* Please refer to the table below for your Visa Type.
B. Visa change
- By change of your status and need to change the type of visa, the approval should be granted within 30 days since your status changed. (Article 2, Section 24 and Article 1, Section 31 of the Immigration Act and Article 1, Section 45 of Immigration Enforcement Act),
- Employee of Foreign missions in Korea (include Embassy and consulate) or an international organization and their family
- Diplomatic or consular works under the Republic of Korea agreement or having similar privilege and exemption and their family
- Diplomatic, industry, engaged in important national defense and his family or person who has the Minister of Justice admitted for getting exemption from foreigner’s registration.
C. Renewal of Visa
- In case of expiration of permission of stay, the foreigner shall receive permission for extension of stay if he/she desires to stay continuously in Korea for any of the reason
- In case of delaying in departing by ship, aircraft, train, car and there is no transportation or any unavoidable reason
2) Type of Visa
Type of VisaDescriptionDocuments Required
For temporary news coverage or reporting, establishment of foreign news branch office1.passport
2.other relevant documents
For visitors to engage in business activities in Korea upto 90 days at a time. Generally an invitation letter, along with the application and passport, is required.1.passport
2.invitation letter
Ideal for those who want to visit Korea for a short period; maximum stay permitted unto 90 days1.passport
2.sponsorship letter
3.hotel booking confirmation
4.proof of financial status
Applicable for models, lecturers, technical instructors etc.1.passport
2.employment contract
3.recommendation letter from the pertinent ministry
If the applicant is a foreign employee of a branch or liaison office of a foreign parent company who will be dispatched to Korea by the foreign parent company, he should apply for D-7 visa1.passport
2.dispatch order and certificate of employment
3.copy of foundation permit for branch or liaison office
4.documents which substantiate working capital or a copy of business project
5.certificate of annual tax
The D-8 visa is for foreign professional employees of foreign direct-invested companies that fall under the provisions of the Foreign Investment Promotion Act. The applicant needs to have some level of expertise in the field of management, administration, production or technical side of the company in Korea . The minimum investment, which must come from overseas, to set up a foreign-invested company is 50 million Korean won.1.passport
2.dispatch order or certificate of employment
3.copy of report on foreign investment (a copy of register book or certificate of business registration) or certificate of registration of foreign investment
The E-4 visa is appropriate for technicians, engineers and scientists who by the nature of their work can be construed as aiding the technological development of Korea.1.passport
2.the dispatch order or a certificate of employment
3.a copy of the appropritate technology introduction contract
4.substantiating documents for the foundation of pertinent company
E-5 AND E-7
The E-5 visa generally applies to lawyers, certified public accountants, medical doctors, pilots, ship captains and professionals who are qualified for specialty occupation. E-7 visa covers teachers at foreign schools, coaches of sports teams, individuals hired as indispensable persons in a foreign-invested company. The E-5 and E-7 visas usually depend on subjective assessments and therefore the Immigration Bureau sometimes recommends one or the other for the same occupation.1.passport
2.any certificates or degrees related to the occupation
3.a recommendation letter by the head of pertinent government department or substantiating documents for the necessity of employment(for e-5 visa)
4.the employment contract
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Place to go

Namsan Hanok Village "Dado"
You can experience the Korean Tea culture in Namsan Hanok Village.
They have a program called Dado, it is established by Family of Yoon and she brews the various teas in Hanok. You must visit the place if you like to have rest from your life in Seoul at Hanok with floral teas.
Dado program is operating until October this year and don’t forget to make a reservation if you are in a large member. Please visit their homepage for more information.
28, Toegye-ro 34-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul (Namsan Hanok Village)

Lavender Festival
2016 Herb Village Lavender Event will be held at Gyeonggi-do Yeonchun.
The event ends at the end of June and you can feel a beautiful garden filled with purple jasmine. You can also try various events while you are enjoying with herbs in the garden.
The lavender can protect you from mosquito bites. There is a bird garden in the herb village as well as nice restaurants and accommodations so it’s good to plan for 1 night 2 days trip!
55, Buksam-ro 20beon-gil, Wangjing-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Hosu Samgyetang(Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup)
It is Korean tradition to have ginseng chicken soup when summer hits the city and this place is often introduced on broadcast.
They only have one menu its perilla(ie wild sesame) chicken soup and they don’t provide various side dishes with the soup but the soup that will get you full.
You can enjoy the meal with your friends, family or anybody. Don’t forget that you have to wait in a queue even if you go there early.
342-134, Singil-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Poorun Byul Jumak
Makguly is famous when it rains outside, it’s a traditional Korean drink. You can experience the ordinary Korea in Insa-dong and this place is located at the end of the street where people giggling with their friends.
It is best for having beers or Makguly with Tofu and White Kimchi.
We highly recommend this place who wants to experience Korean drink culture.
17-1 Insadong 16-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul