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Place to go

Waraku, located in Shinsa-dong is the Kusiyaki food specialty restaurant in Shibuya of Japan.
One of the standout food is 니꾸모노 skewered food. They start to bake immediately after you order and recommend you to order Asahi before they serve.
If you want to have hot soup, suggest you to order the 기리탄포전골. It is like an shabu shabu, A tasty chicken broth filled with beef and many veggies.
13-7, Apgujeong-ro 4-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Silla Hoetjip
The Silla Hoetjip restaurant is popular with raw fish dishes such as squid, sea cucumber, abalone, special seafood, flounder and etc.
You can also enjoy raw seafood and Bibimbab(mixed vegetable rice) and they run the place there for 30 years to keep their traditional recipe.
It is best to have raw seafood with ginseng, garlic and their special sauce, you must try it when you go to Busan!
273-1, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan
The 20th Muju Firefly Festival
The Muju Firefly Festival takes place in the pure environment of Muju, a natural habitat for fireflies and the marsh snails the fireflies feed on. The festival offers many attractions and activities but the highlight of the festival starts after 8:00 pm when the fireflies begin to light up the night sky.
Period : August 27 (Saturday) ~ September 4, 2016 (Sunday) / 9 days
Participate in the program and find more details at Program Introduction
326-17, Hanpungnu-ro, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do
Seoripul Festival
The Seoripul Festival was named after its host borough of Seocho-gu District in southern Seoul. It is one of the main art festivals in the capital, and it brings together renown artists from around the world.
Launching its nine-day run on Sept. 24 this year, there will be events spread all across Seoch-gu District, with various stages, performances, fringe events, hands-on exhibitions and even a village festival.
The highlight will be the Seocho Gangsan Parade that will straddle all 10 lanes of Banpo Boulevard, with traffic blocked for the event. Also, the world's largest sketchbook will be there for all and sundry to decorate.
Period : September 24 ~ October 2, 2016
+82-2-2155-6228, +82-2-2155-8723 (Korean)
All of Seocho-gu District in southern Seoul: Sebitseom Island, Banpo Boulevard, the Seoul Arts Center, the Seocho Art Hall, Montmartre Park, and more.