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(WEBZINE) How to prevent your heating system from Freezing?
Date: 2016-11-23

[Tip] How to prevent your heating system from Freezing?

1. To cover pipes with clothes or lagging it’s a special material to keep the heat inside then close the cover from outside. Put vinyl cover on top of it.
2. To turn/open faucet/water in your house a bit to prevent pipes from freezing or bursting in winter or when you go for holiday.
3. Pour hot water first to melt when you find frozen meter or pipes.
**Caution: It may cause any breakage or damage by using a hair dryer or torch or hot water over 50 Degree Celsius for frozen meter.

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Room Escape Game in Hongdae
Looking for an exciting, yet thrilling game to play indoors? Sign up for an escape room at Hongdae No Escape!
After entering one of three suspenseful themed rooms, you will be locked in for an hour. It is up to you and your friends to find a way to escape! A maximum of 4 people can play in one room together, and if there are more than 4 people, you can split up into different rooms and see which team can escape first! This is a great way to have fun while cooperating with friends and family on challenges and interesting puzzles in a unique environment. There is no need to worry about any language barriers, as all explanations, puzzles, and stories at No Escape are provided in both English and Korean.
Homepage :
Nami Island
Looking for ther best way to enjouy the beautiful winter in Korea?
Especially when it snows in the winter, the scenic island is covered in white everywhere and its famous tree-lined paths offer fantastic picturesque views as it was featured in the famous Korean drama 'Winter Sonata'.
Operating Hours [Ferry Schedule]
07:30-09:00 (Departure from Gapyeong Naru: Intervals 30 minutes)
09:00-18:00 (Intervals 10-20 minutes)
18:00-21:40 (Departure from Nami Naru to last ferry: intervals 30 minutes)
1, Namisum-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
Best Korean Street Food: Ssiat Hotteok
One of the most famous street food originated from Busan.
Ssiat Hotteok, which is Busan-style hotteok, became more popular after Lee Seong-gi showed himself eating this in the TV show called '1Night 2Days'.
Hotteok is the korean style sweet pancake with brown sugar filling inside. However, Ssiat Hotteok is filled with a variety of seeds that are good for health.
You can find many street food vendors selling the famous Ssiat Hotteok near BIFF square.
- Price : 1000~1500 KRW (cash only)
Best Korean Street Food: Bungeoppang
You can get these pretty much anywhere in Seoul, but Namdaemun’s are spot on. Basically, these are custardy waffles filled with sweetened red bean. And they’re pretty darn good, especially as a warming wintertime treat.
A Fun Bungeoppang Personality Test!
It is said that the way someone eats their bungeoppang tells a lot about that person’s personality. Head first or tail first? Those who bite into the head first are said to be positive and passionate individuals, and those who go for the tail first are likely to be sensitive, romantic, and fashionable. Next time you eat this tasty treat, give yourself and your friends the bungeoppang personality test.