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(WEBZINE) Coping method for when we get heavy snow
Date: 2017-01-31

[Tip] Coping method for when we get heavy snow

Be careful snow bomb at the end of winter.
In Korea sometimes at the end of winter season, there are a lot of snow and we should prepare in advance.
PREPARE! Before it is snowing
· For old house, you should check ceiling, wall, water gauge and water pipe in case it isn’t working well.
· Prepare calcium and sand in front of your house or shop and street nearby.
· Please do not park your car in street so that snow-removing could be done.
· Prepare safety equipment(snow chain, booster chain, towing rope, shovel for removing frost) in your car
· Please check your car whether an antifreezing solution is filled, Battery is charged, oils are filled in advance
· Always store calcium in front of your house and check your car before heavy snow and low temperature.
1. Houses
· Shovel the snow on your car, front door and the rooftop.
· Abstain from going out if you are old or child or cardiovascular patient.
· Shovel the snow around your house and the side street as well.
· Sprinkle calcium chloride or sand into the icy road near your house
2. Cars
· Check the fuel oil to make sure you have enough in the car to prevent decline of mileage.
· Equip your car with snow chain.
· Shovel the all snow on your car before you leave and melt the ice from the window.
· Make sure get rid of the snow from the sole of your shoes before you leave to prevent lose the pedal or break.
· Take notice of electrical discharges of batteries in case.
· What you have to do When you try to stop your car on the icy road is that get slow down speed with an engine break and use a foot break.
· Unfasten side break and erect wipers when you park your car.

Place to go

Cheongkwanjang SPA G
Operating Hours 09:00-23:00
Cheongkwanjang Spa G is a spa facility recently launched by Cheongkwanjang, a high quality hongsam (red ginseng) brand of the Korea Ginseng Corporation. The specialized spa programs at Cheongkwanjang Spa G use six-year-old ginseng roots that have gone through rigorous testing and quality management. Spa G consists of five individual hongsam therapy rooms.
Guests can receive water massage to stimulate blood circulation at the Hongsam Spa Room, detoxify and provide nourishment to the body through heat and steam treatments and application of red ginseng concentrate at Hunjeungyok, get stress relieving foot massages at Foot Spa Zone, and restore scalp health using red ginseng products at Head Spa Zone.
All spa programs require reservations, and spa programs vary from 1 to 6 hours depending on the choice of treatments. The spa is open from 9 am to 11 pm.
+82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
3562, Gyeonggang-ro, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do (Odaecheon Stream (오대천) area)
Seorak Waterpia
Seorak Waterpia is one of Korea's largest theme parks offering a wide variety of outdoor leisure activities and hot spring facilities. Nestled in Seorak Hanwha Resort at Seoraksan Mountain, Seorak Waterpia uses only pure mineral waters. The water comes from the layer formed during the Mesozoic Era, and the water volume used per day is about 3,000 tons. With their abundance of cations (sodium, calcium, and magnesium) and anions (chlorine, carbonic acid, and sulphuric acid), the hot springs are good for stress, neuralgia, arthritis, and geriatric diseases.
Various facilities at Seorak Waterpia include a hot springs resort that opened in July 1997, an artificial wave zone at the Wave Pool, and the Stream Pool. At the theme zone, the Rafting Zone and Body Slider will provide you with endless fun and thrills. In addition, there are outdoor leisure spa facilities such as Lovers Bath, Rock Bath, Cave Bath, and sauna facilities such as Prickle Bath, Wood Bath, Outdoor Bath, and more. The 18-hole golf course and many attractions of Seorak Plaza Land make it ideal for families to relax and enjoy.
88, Misiryeong-ro 2983 beon-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do
Budae Jjigae
Open : 5pm~1am
Sim Seun Tang serves the best army stew in Seoul, at least in my book. I have tried various army stews across the country, but Sim Seung Tang got me return again and again. Their broth has a deep flavour that is irresistible. Remember to mix the soup, sausages and SPAMs with the buttered rice - terribly sinful but downright satisfying.
Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. 355-210.
Jaha Son Mandoo (Dumplings)
Open : 11 am-9:30 pm
pmHow about having some handmade Korean dumplings, or a bowl of dumpling rice ball soup (TTteok Mandoo Guk 떡 만두국) in the winter? Although it is a hallmark dish for the new year, the soup is enjoyed by the young and old all year round. It is a filling dish, also a great option to warm up your body in the winter.
+82 2-379-2648
245-2 Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea