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(WEBZINE) Hey Beast, Wake up - Its time your house & body are clean.
Date: 2016-07-29

Spring Cleaning Tips

You may think that you just need to pay attention to cover yourself from the yellow dust and the fine dust when you go out, right?
Dust is an accumulation of tiny particles that includes bits of cloth fibers, paper, hair, pet dander, skin cells, dirt, and more. Letting it build up can lead to allergies and other health problems, so it's a good idea to keep it under control especially who has kids at home.
There's no way to entirely eliminate dust from your life, but there are cleaning methods, clutter remedies and filtration techniques that can drastically reduce the amount of dust you and your family breathe in every day.
Now, Nicerent is giving you some tips for cleaning your house in the spring.
First, clean the floor!
It is better to start to clean the dust and dirt on the floor, Spray water first then Vacuum all the flooring in your home, focusing especially on high-traffic areas. You can also vacuum other flooring.
Second, Clean Windows!
You can use sparking water as a cleaning material to sweep, clean the dirty glass with pieces of newspaper or microfiber cloths first then use sparkling water to finish the window clean makes your window shines.
Last, Beat your blankets and fabric toys.
The blankets and fabric toys have a tendency to pick up a lot of dust over time then use the cleaning gloves for making it easy to wash.
Wet your palm with wearing the gloves then sweep your blankets or fabrics. That way you will be able to collect all the dust. You can do this when you come back to home!
Expert Cleaning Service
Don’t forget to clean your carpet and air conditioner filter for the Summer!
Expert Cleaning Service will find your cleaner and healthy environment. For more information on how we can help you with all your cleaning need, contact Nicerent.
* Add our number 010-4022-8717 to your contact on your mobile phone and go to
Mattress Cleaning
It’s a fact that your mattress is no longer safe caused of yellow dust and fine dust.The mattresses should be cleaned at least once every six months to remove sorts of bacteria, viruses, the dead skin, sweat, molds and to have healthy sleeping environment.
Carpet Cleaning
Vacuuming your carpet is not enough to remove all dirt and it can make bed smell. That’s why need expert cleaning service to remove all dirt and kills germs, bacteria and dust mites.
Air Conditional Cleaning
There are many things happening in the air-conditional during the winter. A lot of bacteria and fungus are growing inside. Air conditional filters may need more frequent cleaning since air from air conditional is going all around of the house.
Washing Machine Cleaning
It is difficult to clean and remove the dirt inside of washing machine even if you try to use washing machine cleaner or chlorine bleach. And the washing machine is also one of the ground of bacteria and fungi if you used it over 1 year thus expert washing machine cleaner have to dismantle it and clean it perfectly.

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Place to go

Temple Stay
BongEunSa is running programs for experiencing the temple stay for either one day or one night & two days. You can experience the life in Temple with monks and masters.
Their aim to run this program is to provide people who works hard and couldn’t have time to think of themselves. They teach you to think about yourself according to buddha’s quotes.
It will be very unique experience for your life.
You can make an arrangement 1 week prior to the day you wish to visit on the webpage.
02-3218-4895 (10:30~16:30)
531 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Do you want to have fun? Then go to YeonDeungHoe! Enjoy the events and performance at YeonDeungHoe. The program may changes so do check before you are heading to there and the program of the event can be checked from their website. Have fun with your family, friends, your boy friend or girl friend!
Jongno Street (Dongdaemoon ~ Jogye Temple)
Sinmigyeong Hongdae chicken ribs
You can share Dak-galbi its Korean style BBQ Chicken, you will see a huge stone grill in the middle of a dining table and it is serving as pre-cooked therefore you can eat when its warmed up then you can enjoy it by having in the order of rice cake, vegetables, chicken and sweet potato.
You will experience the way of Korean shares the dish with their family and friends. Dak-galbi is better with having beers with your friends that makes the taste better!
It’s a little tip for you, make a reservation if you are more than 7 people then you will get 10% off!
32 Hongik-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Gr8 Hookah Bar
It is a REAL tasty restaurant voted by HongDae local people!!
You can experience various flavor by having Shisha or Hookah with reasonable price here, this place is a hottest lounge bar in HongDae.
360-24 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul