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Expert Cleaning

  • Mattress Cleaning
    Mattress Cleaning
    Your mattress is a toxic breeding ground such like bacteria, virus, dead skin, perspiration, mold, and dust mites etc. You have to clean a mattress periodically to protect against allergies in a healthy sleeping environment.
    We highly recommend you the Mattress cleaning serviceespecially people who:
    • Used the mattresses over 6 months or Mattresses older than 1 year.
    • Have a child or youth who are with weak immune systems.
    • Have a identifies with any of the following allergy related conditions such as Asthma,
      Eczema,Bronchitis, Inflammation of the mucous membranes, Itchy red eyes,..etc
    • Have a pet.
    • Want to have a clean mattress especially during the rainy season when many things easily gather mold.
    Price List
    Type of BedSizeCharge
    (per one cleaning service)
    King Size1600~1800mm50,000KRW* Note that prices may vary slightly (up or down) depending on metropolitan or regional areas
    Queen Size1350~1550mm45,000KRW
    S/SS Size900~1100mm40,000KRW
  • Carpet Cleaning
    Carpet Cleaning
    Your Carpets have bacteria, virus, dead skin and dust mites etc which are the one of main reason for the allergy and bad smell of the house.
    We highly recommend you the Carpet cleaning service:
    • To remove bad smell
    • When carpet have been soiled.
    • When if your pet love your carpet.
    • When if you feel itchy and have itchy red eye after you touch the carpet.
    Price List
    Type of Carpet SizePriceNote
    General fiberStart from 2Pyung80,000 KRW* Note that prices may vary slightly (up or down) depending on areas, used materials and and size of carpet.
    2Pyung(6.6sqm) or more80,000 KRW ~
    Silk/WoolStart from 2Pyung90,000 KRW
    2Pyung(6.6sqm) or more90,000 KRW ~
  • Air Conditional Cleaning
    Air Conditional Cleaning
    Air conditional filters may need more frequent cleaning since air from air conditional is going all around of the house and WE breathethe air from air conditional directly.
    We highly recommend you the Air conditional cleaning service:
    • At the beginning of every cooling or heating season.
    • When air conditional make bad smell and noise
    • Increase system’s efficiency significantly.
    • To have effects may lead to many respiratory problems such as asthma,
      bronchitis and even legionnaires disease in long term.
    • If you have Fur-bearing pets in the house.
    • To reducing energy consumption and improving the quality of the apartment’s indoor air.
    Price List
    Type of AirconPrice for 1 cleaning serviceNote
    Wall-mounted Aircon50,000KRW* Note that prices may vary slightly (up or down) depending on the size and type of Air Conditional.
    Stand Aircon50,000KRW
    Ceiling Aircon50,000KRW
  • Washing Machine Cleaning
    Washing Machine Cleaning
    It is difficult to clean and remove the dirt inside of washing machine even if you try to use washing machine cleaner or chlorine bleach. And the washing machine will be the ground of bacteria and fungi if you used it over 1 year thus expert washing machine cleaner have to dismantle it and clean it perfectly.
    We highly recommend you the Washing Machine cleaning service:
    • Used the washing machine more than 1 year.
    • When washing machine did not wash well the laundry then before.
      (If you see any black spots on the laundry.)
    • If you washing machine makes bad smell when you open the cover.
    Price List
    Type of WashingPrice for 1 Cleaning ServiceNote
    General Washing Machine70,000KRW* Note that prices may vary slightly (up or down) depending on the size and type of Washing Machine.
    Drum Washing Machine90,000KRW
  • To request more informationand schedule or consultation about services please contact us.