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Free Rental

품목 매트리스 커피머신 스마트폰 정수기 공기청정기 게임플레이어 로봇 청소기 안마의자 스타일러
조건 월 300만원 이하
월 300~600만원
월 600만원 이상
Mattress You rent a Fully furnished apartment but your mattress may not new then you can get this service for your own good.
- Double side spring queen bed mattress only.
- Include sterilization service every 6 months.
Coffee Machine You can enjoy coffee at home.
- You will be given 16 capsules for start.
- Nespresso machine will be provided.
Smart Phone It will be provided for you and your child while your stay in Korea.
Water Purifier Drink clean water at home.
- You need an owner's permission to set it up.
- Clean filters every 4 months if needed.
Air Cleaner Protect your family from dirty dust.
- Clean filters every 2 months.
Play Station You enjoy the play station with your family at home.
Robot Vacuum Cleaner House cleaning by robot cleaner Massage Chair You can relax by having massage at home.
- Machine will be checked every 6 months.
Styler Manage your clothes with this machine, it steams your clothes.
- Lease agreement is signed with Nicerent at least one year.
- Selections will be differ from your apartment price.
- You can only choose one from the selection.