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Cleaning Gift Certificates

Cleaning Gift Certificates

  • Give a gift certificates to tired your wife.

How to request cleaning gift certificates
  • Send
    your information
    by e-mail
    Address/House Type/ Size
  • Select
  • Check
  • Pay
  • Get
    a certificate
    and receipt
  • Give
    a gift
    to someone
* At least 1day ahead, please reserve cleaning service.
Working Time Base Price Reduced Price Note
1 Pass 60,000 KRW
Two Times 120,000 KRW 114,000 KRW 5% off
Three Times 180,000 KRW 162,000 KRW 10% off
Four Times 240,000 KRW 204,000 KRW 15% off
* One pass is basic 4hours.
* If you extend cleaning service, you will receive an added 5% percent off.
* Do you have cleaning products? The cleaners don’t bring the products with them.