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Famous Place

  • Myeongdong
    Myeong-dong, the busiest district of downtown Seoul, functions as a center for fashion, shopping, cuisine and leisure and is known as a special tourist zone. It is also a thriving fashion hub that sets fashion tends in korea. Over 300m long, Myeong-dong street extends from Myeong-dong station o subway line no. 4 to the entrance ti Euljiro. Fashion malls, shoe stores, sporting goods stores are as well as beauty parlors galore earn Myeong-dong the title of "fashion street". The total number of stores in Myeong-dong is estimated at more than 3,000 including restaurants, fast-food restaurants, coffee shops and financial institutions. Large shopping malls such as Migliore Myeong-dong and CATS are always bustling with crowds. Folk/guitar cafes and live cafes are also easy to find here
    SUBWAY : Myeong-dong Stn. (Line 4, Exit 6 ) OR Euljiro 1(il)-ga Stn. (Line 2, EXIT 6 )
    BUS : 103, 143, 151, 152, 163, 261, 262, 340, 420, 461, 500, 701, 702, 0014, 0015, 3412, 3420, 3421, 3422, 4312, 7015, 7017, 7020, 7021, 9701, 9705
    The CGV Myeong-dong 5 is a premier cinema that was opened in 2001 by CGV, Korea's first multiplex theater chain, and includes a 5-screen multiplex accommodating 800 movie-goers. Its interior decoration, reminiscent of upscale designer boutiques, is receiving an enthusiastic response from female patrons. It has a paking place for visitors.
    Open Hours : 8:00 am ~ 1:00am
    Nearest Train : Myeong-dong Stn. (Line 4, Exit 6 ) OR Euljiro 1(il)-ga Stn. (Line 2, EXIT 6 )
    Category : MOVIE THEATER Tel : 02 1544 1122
    Joongang Cinema
    Joongang Movie Theater, a renowned cinema with 60 years of history, has had a complete makeover and is now called Joongang Cinema. Since 2000, this beloved old symbol of Myeong-dong has been a 5-screen multiplex
    Open Hours : 10: 30 am ~ 22: 30 am
    Nearest Train : Myeong-dong Stn. (Line 4, Exit 10 ) or Euljiro 1(il)-ga Stn. (Line 2, EXIT 5)
    Category : MOVIE THEATER
    Tel : 02 776 8866
    Avatar, an entertainment-shopping center, opened in March 2003 after a one year rennovation of a building that was formerly occupied by Cosmos Plaza. Its ground level is geared toward age groups 20 to 30 and has some 20 brand-name stores. The 2nd and 3rd floors are occupied by casual brands, while the 4th and 5th floors offer fashion accessories. The 6th floor is devoted to mobile communication devices and there is a food court on the 7th floor.
    Open Hours : 11: 00 ~ 22: 00
    Nearest Train : Myeong-dong Stn. (Line 4, Exit 6 )
    Category : Casual wear, Shoes, Sports goods, General merchandise
    Tel : 02 3783 5114
    Lotte DPT
    Lotte Department Store, opened in 1979, can be conveniently accessed from the subway to which its basement level is directly connected. It carries a wide palette of goods, from world-renowned luxury brand products to general goods, and its duty-free stores and food court are popular and highly frequented. Its convenient location and friendly service appeal to many foreign customers.
    Open Hours : 10: 30 ~ 20: 00
    Nearest Train : Euljiro 1(il)-ga Stn. (Line 2, Exit 7 )
    Category : Clothes, Electric goods, Furniture
    Tel : 02 752 2500
    Lotte Plaza
    Lotte Young Plaza opened in November 2003 as Korea's first fashion department store especially designed for younger women. It carries ladies' apparel and sports casuals including Muji products imported directly from Japan. Meals and beverages are available for shoppers at Garden Life restaurant and coffee shop MIGO. The setup is appealing and stylish.
    Open Hours : 11: 30 ~ 21: 30
    Nearest Train : Euljiro 1(il)-ga Stn. (Line 2, Exit 7)
    Category : Casual wear, Make-up, General merchandise
    Tel : 02 771 2500
    Migliore's Myeong-dong branch opened in June 2000 and is directly accessible from Myeong-dong Station off Subway Line #4. Shopping here is made easier and more entertaining thanks to the mall's convenient location and parking facility. The mall houses close to 1,200 stores and offers resources like health clinic,' 'beauty clinic' and 'life clinic,' which are great places to pamper oneself a little. The event hall at the top floor hosts many gatherings and events Open Hours : 11: 00 ~ 23: 30 Nearest Train : Myeong-dong Stn. (Line 4, Exit 6 ) Category : SHOPPING MALL Phone : 02 2124 0005
    U Too Zone
    This womens apparel department store is situated in a central section of Myeong-dong. Unlike most other shopping centers and department stores of its kind which market lesser-known brands, U2 Zones tenant shops are those brands that made a breakthrough, in some form or other, and are already well-known to the public. Fashion accessories are sold on the 1st floor, casual clothing on the 2nd and 3rd, and finally, there are unisex casual stores and a food court at the 4th floor. Open Hours : 11: 30 ~ 21: 30 Nearest Train : Myeong-dong Stn. (Line 4, Exit 6 ) Category : Myeong-dong Stn. (Line 4, Exit 6 ) Phone : 02 771 6262

  • Insa-Dong
    Come and experience authentic Korean traditions firsthand. On either side of this street you will find many antique shops, Korean paper goods shops, picture framing stores, Korean tea houses, Korean restaurants and much more. The street is closed on Sundays to all cars from 10am to 10pm so that various events such as traditional performances, traditional fairs, and Korean food festivals can be held
    Subway : Jongno 3(sam)-ga stn.(line 1, 5 or 3), Anguk stn.(line 3)
    Bus : 143, 150, 160, 161, 200, 260, 262, 270, 271, 300, 370, 400, 601, 705, 720, 0212
    Telephone: +82 (0)2 778 6527
    This store carries antiques from the 1900's onward which includes folklore arts and crafts. Antiques sold here are hand-picked collections of Korean and overseas origins. Its large inventory of rare items, including gramophones, kerosene lamps, ancient bank notes and coins, abacuses and vintage irons, draws many collectors and tourists who can spend a fascinating afternoon browsing through it all.
    Open hours : 10 : 00 ~ 21 :00
    Nearest Train : Jongno 3(sam)-ga Stn. (Line 1, Exit 3 ) or Anguk Stn. (Line 3, Exit 6 )
    Category : art craft, antique
    The 1st and 2nd levels of this five-story building features Korea's traditional apparel crafts and accessories as well as household crafts created by contemporary craft artists. The third floor showcases updated versions of traditional Korean furniture, redesigned to suit a modern lifestyle, and on the 4th floor are exhibited ancient works of art. Here visitors can view and purchase craftworks, househould items, ceramics and wooden furniture, each containing facets of Korea's art of living tramsmitted to present time
    Open hours : 10 : 00 ~ 19 :00
    Nearest Train : Jongno 3(sam)-ga Stn. (Line 1, Exit 3 ) or Anguk Stn. (Line 3, Exit 6 )
    category : folk material
    Tel : 02 733 4867
    Souvenier Center
    As you enter the building, you will notice many items found only in Korea. Indeed, the Korean spirit can be felt as you begin to walk around the store. Many traditional products like Korean dolls in display cases, wooden wedding ducks and key chains with the Korean flag on them are sold here. There is also a large selection of specially crafted items on sale. If you are looking for that special gift for someone or you want something to remember Korea by, this is definitely the place to go
    Open hours : 10: 30 ~ 21: 30
    Nearest Train : Dongdaemun Station-Lines 1,4
    category : Traditional souvenirs, jewlery
    Tel : 02 735 2235

  • Apgujeong-Dong
    It is hard to imagine that it was only as recent as 1970 that Apgujeong-dong started to develop into one of the most affluent, fashionable and "the place to be seen" areas of Seoul. If you go towards the Galleria Department Store from Apgujeong subway station, you will see a street on your right. This street is referred to as the "Rodeo Drive" of Korea. Established in 1990, this street has everything one could possibly desire.From elegant restaurants to the Hard Rock Cafe, from Polo to Armani, this area caters to the affluent and fashionable. Although more expensive than other places, shoppers can be assured that all goods and services are of the highest international quality
    SUBWAY : Apgujeong Stn. (Line 3, Exit 0)
    BUS : 145, 147, 1411, 2225, 4411, 4417, 606
    Galleria is located in the heart of Seoul's fashion district, Apkujong. A European-style interior helps to create a comfortable and cheerful setting. Compared to other department stores, Galleria's prices are a little more expensive. However, the items on sale are of high quality. Also, there is a large selection of imported goods from renowned brand names. Enjoy easy access shopping at your own convenience.
    Open Hours : 10.30am-9pm daily; closed every 3rd Mon
    Nearest Train : Apkujung Station-Line 3
    Category : Fashion/Clothing, Department Stores & Shopping Centers
    Phone : 02 3449 4114
    Hyundai DPT
    Located in one of Korea's affluent shopping districts, this Hyundai department store is conveniently connected to Apkujong Station (Line 3). Together with its four other locations within the city, Hyundai offers incomparable lines of products of the highest quality. Besides the many other facilities the store has to offer, this one here features a restaurant, a coffee shop and an outdoor sculpture park.
    Open Hours : 10am-9pm daily; closed holidays.
    Nearest Train : Apkujong Station-Line 3, Exit 6
    Category : Department Stores & Shopping Centers
    Phone : 02 547 2233
    Cine Plus
    This multiplex boasts state-of-the-art equipment and offers three viewing screens. The first theater seats 498 people, with the second and third seating197 each. Many advance screenings are hosted at Cine Plus for audiences that are most often consist of opinion groups such as internet and PC communication communities or film clubs.
    Open Hours : open year around.
    Nearest Train : Apkujong Station-Line 3, Exit 3
    Category : movie theater
    Phone : 02 543 0090
    Cine City
    Huge and tall building, which you can recognize easily by one sight. It has 8 screen and 2,000 seats. It provide best service and facilities.
    Open Hours : open year around.
    Nearest Train : Apkujong Station-Line 3, Exit 3
    Category : movie theater
    Phone : 02 540 2500

  • Namdaemun
    Established in 1414, this market is the oldest and largest traditional market in Korea. More than 1,250 shops and stalls line the alleyways in a 10 acre area, selling vegetables, clothes, tableware, crafts, fresh-cut flowers and ginseng, among other things. Since each small shop does its own manufacturing, prices can be10-20% lower than in other shopping areas. It is also a world-famous shopping paradise and an attraction that tourists should not miss. At Namdaemun, a great deal of effort has been made to foster a tourist-friendly atmosphere. Information is available for local residents and tourists and free interpretation services (both in English and in Japanese) are readily offered to foreign tourists.
    SUBWAY : Hoehyeon Station(LINE 4) or City Hall Station(LINE 1 OR2)
    BUS : 103, 104, 105, 108, 143, 151, 152, 163, 261, 262, 263, 300, 371, 401, 406, 500, 501, 503, 504, 505, 604, 700, 701, 704
    TELEPHONE : +82 (0)2 752 5728 (ENGLISH, JAPANESE) Vistors can get travel information and interpretation guide service in English and Japanese for free.
    SERVICE HOURS : HOURS VARY BY SHOPS, in general - wholesale market : midnight to 6:00 am - retail market : 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, The formal market is closed on Sundays, but street stalls may still operate in front of closed shop entrances.
    Consumer Protection Center (Located in the market) : +82 (0)2 752-5728
    Korea Apartment

  • Dongdaemun
    Dongdaemun Market is located near its namesake of Dongdaemun (meaning 'Great East Gate' of Seoul). Korea's largest, most colorful wholesale and retail marketplace has 28 shopping malls, nearly 30,000 shops, and 50,000 manufacturers. The volume traded here takes up about 30 percent of Korea's entire clothing market, and the population flowing in and out of the area reaches 300,000 everyday. The wide spectrum of goods brightens up the sprawling ten block shopping area.Items you can find there include shoes, fabrics (especially the largest selection of silk in Korea), clothing, accessories, folk arts & crafts, leather and fur, furniture, household goods, sports equipment, electronic parts, and a variety of food, just to name a few. The market provides virtually everything about clothing, at prices 30-40% lower than anywhere else. Topped with a variety of recreational and entertainment attractions, there certainly is something for everyone at Dongdaemun
    Way to Dongdaemun : SUBWAY: Dongdeamun stn. (line 1, exit 0) (line 4, exit 3)
    BUS :101, 102, 106, 107, 200, 201, 260, 262, 270, 271, 300, 303, 370, 705, 720, 0212, 1013, 1018, 1019, 2013, 2014, 2112
    Tel : 02 2265 2431
    Homepage :
    Information Center for Foreign Shoppers Tel : 82-2-2261-2192~4
    E-mail :
    Service Hours : 12:00-22:00
    Open since Aug. 28, 1998, Migliore is a mega shopping center for deals with both wholesalers and retailers. It consists of eleven floors selling the latest fashions, accessories bags, watches, jewelry, and shoes. There is an addtional store in Myong-dong. Thousands of people pass here every day, especially on Fridays and weekends. Many of these people are business owners who come to get merchandise at wholesale prices. You, too, can get a great deal by haggling with the store owners A 250 car-capacity underground parking lot is available.
    Open Hours : 10.30am-5am Tue-Sun; closed Mon
    Nearest Train : Dongdaemun Station-Line 1,4
    Category : Fashion/Clothing
    Tel : 02 3393 0001
    Doosan Tower
    Doosan Tower is a new high-rise shopping center. It features imported goods, young casual, womens wear, kids wear, mens wear, fashion sundries, accessories, shoes, and wedding goods, topped with numerous fitting rooms for the customers convenience. There are four levels of underground parking, which can hold up to 1,220 cars. On the eighth floor, you will find a food court serving many different foods. Occasionally, concerts are held at the front of the building. These range from hip-hop to rock music
    Open hours : 10.30am-5am daily; closed between 11pm Sun and 8pm Mon
    Nearest subway : Dongdaemun Station-Lines 1,4
    Category : Fashion/Clothing, Department Stores & Shopping Centers
    Tel : 02 3398 3000
    Hello APM
    Helloapm is another great shopping spot in Dongdeamun. It opened just 2 years ago. However, It has become very popular among the young people especially teenagers.
    Open hours : 10.30am-5am daily; closed Tue
    Nearest Train : Dongdaemun Station-Lines 1,4
    Category : Fashion/Clothing, Department Stores & Shopping Centers
    Tel : 02 6388 1202

  • Hongdae Area
    Hongdae Area
    One of the favorite hangouts for the trendy youth in Seoul. The Hongdae area can best be summed up in one word: Underground. The area forms a large-sale commercial district bristling with artsy cafes and lie clubs where Indie bands play anything from rock n roll to alternative underground music as well as eating establishments, clothing and accessory shops lining both sides of the street. That stretches from Hongik University station to Hongik University and its vicinity. Aptly nicknamed Picasso Street, the young streets, the young streets experimental and vibrant artistic atmosphere draws young crowds from across Seoul.
    Subway : Hongik Univ. Stn. (Line 2)
    Bus : 1100, 1200, 271, 570, 5712, 5714, 602, 603, 604, 6712, 7012, 7016, 7612, 7711, 7716
    Theater Choo
    This theater is the successor to Salon Theatre Choo (Myeong-dong) and Theatre Choo Samillo, both run by the late Song-ung Choo. Commemorating the priceless contributions made to Korean dramatic art by actor Song-ung Choo during his lifetime, it will continue to provide a valuable outlet for this performance art, in the spirit of its illustrious namesake.
    Open Hours : Tuesdays to Thursdays: 7:30 Fridays to Sundays Holidays: 4:30, 7:30
    Admission Fee : Adults 20,000won/Students 15,000 won
    Nearest Train : Hongik Univ. Stn. (Line 2, EXIT 6)
    Fax : 02 3142 0569
    Theater Zero
    Having opened on November 22, 1998, Theater Zero is located on Picasso Street near Hongik Universtiy. This cultural space aspires to bring to the public performances that are both artistic and accessible. Unlike most little theaters, Theater Zero is open to many art forms and hosts plays, dances, musical recitals, concerts and other performances that are either planned and produced by the theater or are lease-based projects. Asthe first little-theater dance space designated by the Korean Culture & Art Foundation (2002), it has recently decreased its rental fees and is continuously improving the facility to offer an optimal environment for artists to deploy their talents.
    Nearest Train : Hongik Univ. Stn. (Line 2)
    Theater Sanulim
    This little theater, comprised of two basement levels and three stories aboveground, was opened in 1985 and primarily stages performances by the theater troupe Sanulim. It is a favorite stage of some of Korea's most acclaimed actresses including Jeong-ja Park, Suk Son and Seok-hwa Yun. This acclaim is partly due to the perception in the theater world of Sanulim as a guardian of professional pride; it never stoops to mass-distributing invitations or to offer discount admission fees. Sanulim is also a platform for feminist and experimental theater as well.
    Nearest Train : Hongik Univ. Stn. (Line 2, Exit 5 )
    The Post, located on the 1st and 2nd basement levels of the Changmu Arts Center, is a dance theater equipped with a state-of-the-art stage system. In addition to dances, this little theater of 200 seats also hosts plays, musical concerts and performing arts. It is successor to Changmu Chumteo, Korea's first little theater dedicated to dance and stages only programs that have successfully passed its rigorous selection process.
    Nearest Train : Hongik Univ. Stn. (Line 2, Exit 5 )

  • Coex
    Coex Mall
    COEX Mall (Convention and Exhibition Center Mall) opened for business in an underground mall located at the World Trade Center in Seoul on May 3, 2000. Covering 11.87 hectares stretching from the ASEM Tower to the Samseong Subway Station, the new mall was established along with the COEX Convention Center. Designed around the theme of "Flowing Water," the mall begins at the Millennium Plaza connected to Samseong Station on the green Subway Line 2, and meanders along the underground alley to the ASEM Plaza. Along the way, there are a variety of cultural amenities and facilities, including Lake Food Court where one can enjoy Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Western food at one of 16 different restaurants; Bandi & Luni's Bookstore boasting over 2 million books; Dache, a clothing complex where more than 400 retailers are open for business; Megabox Cineplex with 16 screening rooms, including three with 500 seats each; and the 1.43-hectare COEX Aquarium which holds more than 30,000 fish made up of 500 species including 70 sharks. The COEX Mall is connected through underground alleys to the Korea City Air Terminal, the Inter-Continental Hotel, Hyundai Department Store and Samseong Subway Station.
    Open Hours : 10am-9pm daily
    Subway : Samseong Stn. (Line 2 EXIT 5,6)
    Bus : 143, 146, 363, 401, 2413, 3412, 3422, 4411, 4418, 4419, 4420, 9407, 600
    Website :
    Category : Fashion/Clothing, Department Stores & Shopping Centers, Local Products & Souvenirs
    Tel : 02 6000 1152~4 (COEX Marketing Team)
    The COEX Aquarium offers not only an opportunity not just for leisure but for education as well. It is a theme-oriented aquarium of world class which promotes Edutainment. Under the theme of "The Fantastic Journey of Water", the COEX Aquarium has produced an environment closely simulating the real one, to allow children a chance to acquire first-hand knowledge of the world of underwater organisms. It will certainly take every audience on an expedition to a world they have not yet experienced.
    Open Hours : 10:00 AM ~ 8:00 PM / open year around
    Admission fee : 14,500 WON / 9,500 WON (CHILDREN)
    Nearest Train : Samsung Station-Line 2, EXIT 5,6
    Category : AQUARIUM
    Tel : 02 6002 6200
    Started at Coex on May 13th, 2000, Megabox become Korea's best theater with the cutting-edge facilities and also with excellent customer services. It has 16 screen and 4,300 seats.
    Open Hours : open year around
    Nearest Train : Samsung Station-Line 2, EXIT 5,6
    Category : movie theater
    Tel : 02 1544 0600

  • Daehangno
    Deahangno is summed up in a few words. Theater posters, sculptures by renowned artists and young people casually enjoying out door performances, concerts or people watching in the relaxed artistic atmosphere of Marronier park. Daehakro is a cultural melting pot creating new types of art everyday. Dubbed the Mecca of Korean Cultural Performances, Daehangno provides a vibrant scene of lively new cultural trends. This district is a definite must-see for those seeking to grasp the drift if contemporary Korean culture including music, theater, movies, literature and cafes
    SUBWAY : Hyehwa Stn. (Line 4, Exit 2)
    BUS : 100, 102, 103, 104, 143, 162, 272,1011, 1012, 1018, 1019, 2112, 9410
    - Theme Parks & Parks Marronier Park 1-121 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Theaters Arirang Little Theater 1-153 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Theaters Arts Theater, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation 1-130 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Theaters Arungguji Theater 1-54 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Theaters Cheonga Little Theater 195 Hyehwa-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Theaters Comedy Art Hall 50-44 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Theaters Cult Hall 1-97 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Theaters Daehangno Culture Space 1-75 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Theaters Dong Soong Art Center 1-5 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Theaters Hakjeon Green Theater 1-79 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Theaters Hypertech Nada 1F DongSoong Art Center, 1-5 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Theaters Inkel Art Hall
    - Theaters Marronnier Little Theater 130-47 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Theaters Saemteo Parangsae Theater Samtae building BF, 1-115 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Museums Museum of African Art Hanmok Building 3, 5, 6Fl., 1-113 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
    - Museums Museum of Straw and Plants Handicraft Museum 8-4 Myeongnyun-dong 2(i)-ga Jongno-gu Seoul