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Foreign School

2. Seoul Foreign School

Seoul Foreign School
Founded in 1912, Seoul Foreign School (SFS) is an IB World School. It offers a Western-style college preparatory education guided by a Christian philosophy for the children of the international community in Seoul, regardless of race, creed or religion. It is one of the oldest international schools in the world. SFS is a not-for-profit day school serving nearly 1500 students from 52 countries from pre-school to 12th grade.
  • Application Steps
    For Early years
    Step 1: Complete the online application
    Step 2: Submit confidential teacher recommendation
    Step 3: Coordinate Readiness testing and interview
    Step 4: Provide report cards
    Step 5: Provide proof of foreign nationality
    Step 6: Provide Passport copies.
    Step 7: Use the checklist.
For Grades 1-12
Step 1: Make an appointment for tour and information
Step 2: Complete the online application
Step 3: Request confidential application
Step 4: Submit or Coordinate standardized testing
Step 5: Provide report cards
Step 6: Provide proof of foreign nationality
Step 7: Provide passports copies
Step 8: Use the checklist and email for help
Grade Level
American (US) / Early Childhood & Key Stage 1 / Elementary School & Key Stage 2 (1st - 5th grade) / Middle School & Key Stage 3 (6th - 8th grade) / High School (9th - 12th grade)
British (UK)
Early Childhood & Key Stage 1 (Year 1) Elementary School & Key Stage 2 (Year2 - 6) Middle School & Key Stage 3 (Year7 - 9) High School (n/a)
Supplemental Documents
Application Form Copy of Passport 2 Portrait Photo Confirmation Documents for Vaccination Personal Medical History incl. TB Skin Test Sealed Teacher Recommendation (Middle/High Schooler) Application fee: 300USD
Students are eligible to apply if they can provide proof from one of the categories below; -Both or one parent holds a foreign passport and are not dual citizens of Korea -Both Parents are Korean Nationals and child(ren) are dual citizens -Both parents and child(ren) are Korean Nationals
Seoul Foreign School, 55-1 Yonhi Dong Seodaemun-Gu Seoul Republic of Korea 120-823
Tuition and Fees (Full Year Tuition)
Pre-School USD 3,498 + KRW 8,745,000 Elementary School - Grades JK-5 USD 7,579 + KRW 17,490,000
Middle School - Grades 6-8 USD 8,337 + KRW 17,490,000 High School - Grades 9-12 USD 8,920 + KRW 22,154,000
British School USD 8,570 + KRW 18,073,000 ransportation KRW 2,400,000