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Foreign School

7. Asia Pacific International School

Asia Pacific International School
About APIS
The Asia Pacific International School (APIS) is poised to become the most exciting and innovative institution for learning in the Asia Pacific region. While there are a number of international schools already established in Korea, APIS sets itself apart from the others by providing a unique educational experience that incorporates aspects of East Asian culture and language into the best American academic curriculum. The purpose of adopting this approach is to realize the true meaning of "international education" in this era of globalization.
APIS Mission Statement
APIS strives to educate its students, in a loving and caring Christian environment, to become globally enlightened citizens, who are able to bridge the gap between the East and the West and are ready to welcome the exciting challenges of the new Pacific Century.
Our Campus
APIS is located near the heart of Seoul, Korea (820 Wolgae 2-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea - which is about 30 min drive from the Seoul city center). The APIS classrooms and administrative offices are housed in the main academic building (60+ classrooms and offices). The APIS campus also includes a main auditorium, children's playground, athletic field, outdoor amphitheater, and gymnasium. In addition, we have a separate seasonal camp/conference facility located in a picturesque part of Pocheon, just two hours from APIS, with dormitory facilities for 400 students, various seminar and function rooms, and athletic fields.
APIS received formal certification from the Seoul Metropolitan Board of Education in 2006 to provide a U.S.-style educational curriculum in 3 school divisions. The Elementary School includes students from pre-school to Grade 5. The Middle School serves students from Grade 6-8. The High School serves students from Grade 9-12..
Application Procedure
In order to begin the admissions review of a student's application, the following items must be submitted:
- Fully completed application form (The form can be downloaded from our website at - Three recent 3x4 size photos
- Proof of eligibility to attend a foreign school in Korea: the applicant must be either a foreign passport holder, have proof of five years residence outside Korea, hold a valid permanent residence visa from a foreign country, or have at least one parent holding a foreign passport or Korean Family Registry indicating previous foreign citizenship.
- Official, sealed transcripts or report cards sent directly from the student's most recent school(s) attended. For elementary school, the most recent two years are required; for middle and high school, the most recent three years are required
- Official results from recent standardized tests
- Initial Application fee (KRW 200,000) and registration fee (KRW 300,000 refundable if the applicant is rejected by APIS)
Tuition and Fees
- Elementary School (K - Grade 5) : 13,000,000 KRW + 3,000 USD
- Middle School (Grades 6 - 8) : 14,000,000 KRW + 3,000 USD
- High School (Grades 9 - 12) : TBA
School Bus Fee (Seoul City Area): 1,500,000 KRW
*Additional fees apply for APIS'ESL and Enrichment Programs.
*APIS is committed to ensuring that we are affordable and accessible to all qualified students, and as such we will do our best to meet 100% of each student's demonstrated financial need through our financial aid program. For more information please contact the APIS Admissions and Administration Office.
Payment Options
1. Payment Options
- All tuition and fees must be paid within two weeks of notification of admission. Late fees may be charged for any payment received after the payment due date.
2. Quarterly Installment Plan
- Except for the USD portion of the tuition, all other tuition and fees may be paid in quarterly installments. There is a service charge of 5% for using the installment plan and there is no refund if the student withdraws from the school.
Payments in Korean WonPPayments in US Dollars
Wire transfer to: Kookmin Bank (Changwi2-dong Branch)
Account Name: Asia Pacific International School
Account Number: 0345-01-04-107853
Wire transfer to: Kookmin Bank (Changwi2-dong Branch)
Account Name: Asia Pacific International School
Account Number: 0345-68-07-100054
Bank address: Kookmin Bank, Changwi2-dong Branch 238-97 Changwi2dong,Sungbuk-gu, Seoul , Korea (Tel. 02-917-2681)
Except for the USD portion of the tuition, all other payments must be made in Korean won.
Be sure to indicate the student's name as the sender.
Send a copy of the transaction receipt to APIS by fax at 02-907-2742.
Contact Information
Asia Pacific International School (APIS)
820 Wolgae 2-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul 139-724, Korea
Tel. 82-(0)2-907-2747