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Foreign School

11. Deutsche Schule Seoul Int'l

The Deutsche Schule Seoul International (German School Seoul International) was founded in 1976 and is an international foreign school accredited by the German government. The Deutsche Schule Seoul International (DSSI) is a private school under the organizing institution "Verein Deutsche Schule Seoul". The majority of teaching faculty consists of German native speakers, supported by English native speakers and a Korean native speaker.
  • Application Steps
    Step 1 : Submit Online Application Form and Non-Refundable Application Fee
    Step 2 : Submit All Application Supporting Documents
    Step 3 : Take Admissions Test
    Step 4 : Wait for Acceptance
    Step 5 : Submit Final Documents and Pay Tuition Fee
    Grade Level
    Kindergarten (From age 2 to 6) / Elementary school (Grades 1 to 4) / Secondary school (Grades 5 to 12)
Supplemental Documents
Application Form / Copy of Passport / 2 Portrait Photo / Confirmation Documents for Vaccination / Personal Medical History / Sealed Teacher Recommendation
One parent should hold valid foreign passport, or Students with Korean Nationality must have attended an overseas school for 3 years and more
Deutsche Schule Seoul International 123-6 Doekseodang-Ro, Yongsan-Gu,140-210 Seoul South Korea
Tuition and Fees (Full Year Tuition)
Kindergarten tuition KRW 13,182,000 School Tuition KRW 20,250,000
School Bus (Seoul) KRW 198.000 School Bus (Others) KRW 330,500