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Foreign School

6. Franciscan Seoul

/>An international non-profit preschool for children 2 1/2 to 6 years old, which is intended to encourage independence, cooperation and education for life by following a curriculum based on the ideas of Maria Montessori. A Board elected by and from the parents of students directs the school.
Submit Document for Admission
The Franciscan School is an International Pre-School and Kindergarten whose aim is to educate children from ages 21/2 to 6years old. We exclusively exist to meet the need for early education among foreign children in Seoul. over half of the students are non-native English speakers but the language of instruction is English.
The school year begins in mid-August and ends in mid-June. Applications (local and overseas) are welcome throughout the school year but admission will depend on availability. It is advisable, therefore, to contact the school will in advance
Please follow this Registration Procedure when applying :
- contact the school and request a fax copy of the application form. This will be sent along with other essential information (e.q. classes, school-fees, location map)
- Complete the application form and return through fax or mail as soon as possible. The child's name will be added to the waiting list.
- Parents will be contacted for an interview and school tour when a place becomes available.
- Parents will be notified when a place becomes available after which the following requirements must be completed :
* Valid Foreign Passport ( Child & Parent)
* Alien Registration Card
* Complete registration Form
* Medical and Immunization Records
* Passport Size Photos (2)
* Age Requirements * Brief Interview[Parent(s) and child with principal]
- The registration and activity fee of \300,000 should be paid as soon as the parents are notified of their child's admittance. The school will issue a bank slip for this.
School Hours
School hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Nursery (Butterfly) class students who attend for a half day only, leave at 11:30 a.m.
Children may be dropped-off from 8:50 a.m.-9:00 a.m. However, if in exceptional circumstances, you need to bring your child to school earlier, please take him/her to the Administration Office. You may leave your child with the administrative assistant and she will later take him/her to the classroom.
During dismissal time, we release the children according to the following time schedule : 11:25AM Nursery Class (1/2day )
02:25PM Nursery, Pre-School I and II
02-:30PM Junior and Senior Kindergarten
We encourage the parents to come at the designated times and to leave school immediately afterwards to avoid crowding in the hallway and the parking area.
If you arrive late, you wait until the last child is released. However, if you come after 2:45p.m.(11:45a.m. for morning class). a fee of \10,000 per 15 minutes late is charged.
If you have two or more children to pick-up, you may follow the earliest time schedule among this group of children. Please advise us in advance so that we can prepare them.
The parents or guardians must also advise the office or the teacher if the child will be picked-up early and/or if another person will be picking-up the child. For security reasons, we will not allow a child to go with another person if we do not receive notification from you. The other person may be asked for an identification card before we hand over the child.
School Bus - Transportation
Our school provides transportation to and from school for those students who are registered for the bus. The bus fee is payable on week before school starts, or one week before each semester.
We want to ensure a safe bus ride for all students. Please make sure your child understand these important safety rules :
Each child is assigned a specific seat. He/she must remain seated with his/her seat belt securely fastened at all times. No eating, drinking, shouting, or hitting is allowed. Each student must obey and be courteous to the bus monitor and driver. If a child does not behave well, he/she may be temporarily or permanently suspended from riding the bus. No refund for the period of suspension will be granted.
If there is any change in the transportation plan, you must notify the school office or the teacher before the child will be allowed to leave the school.
PLEASE BE ON TIME. Be at the bus stop at the designated time. The bus will wait only for a minute since it has to follow a time schedule. If you are late in meeting the bus during drop-off, your child will be taken back to the school. You are then responsible for picking him/her up from school.
Non-bus riders must pay \5,000 per person/ one way trip if they wish to ride on the bus. We request that you advise us of such arrangements in advance.
Schedule of Fees
REGISTRATION FEE ( Non-Refundable )
NEW Student \150,000 DUE: Upon Admission
OLD Student W100,000
ACTIVITY FEE W150,000 DUE: Upon Admission
Nursery Classbr
Annual Payment \4,200,000 DUE: 12 August 2004
Semi-Annual Payment \2,200,000 DUE: 12 Aug 04 / 02 Jan 05
Nursery Classbr
Annual Payment \6,615,000 DUE: 12 August 2004
Semi-Annual Payment \3,425,000 DUE: 12 Aug 04 / 02 Jan 05
Pre-School Class
Annual Payment \4,200,000 DUE: 12 August 2004
Semi-Annual Payment \3,425,000 DUE: 12 Aug 04 / 02 Jan 05
Senior Kindergarten
Annual Payment \7,350,000 DUE: 12 August 2004
Semi-Annual Payment \3,775,000 DUE: 12 Aug 04 / 02 Jan 05
Round Trip Annual Payment \1,900,000 DUE: 12 August 2004
Semi-Annual Payment \990,000 DUE: 12 Aug 04 / 02 Jan 05
One-Way Trip : Annual Payment \1,230,000 DUE: 12 August 2004
Semi-Annual Payment \625,000 DUE: 12 Aug 04 / 02 Jan 05
- Bank slips are issued by the school, all fees must be paid in the bank.
- All school fees are due before the stated dates. Failure to comply will mean an additional 5% charge per momth of delay.
- Siblings: A discount of 10% on the tuition fee of younger sibling(s) will be granted if all fees are paid by the specified dates.
- Fees are payable in Korean Won only.
No refund is granted for :
a. Withdrawal after 30th November and 1st April (2nd semester)
b. Transfer to another school within Korea.
c. Absence due to illness or vacations.